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  • Happy Skalidays from The English Beat!! 12/14/16

    Hey Beat fans, Just wanted to drop a little Skaliday cheer in your laps this year, as it has been a rough one, eh? I think most of us cannot wait to see the backside of 2016.. And I hear … Continue reading

  • The Noise In This World: English Beat Mailing List sign up now!! 10/16/16

    Hey Beat fans, I just wanted to let you know that we have added a new feature to the website after many people asked after it, a mailing list to keep up on all the tour updates, appearance, in-stores, in … Continue reading

  • Here We Go UK Loves!! 2016 UK Tour Kicks Off!! 09/12/16

    Hey Beat fans, It’s that time of the year again, where the California based Beat packs up the trust VOX teardrop guitar, and takes a trip across the pond, back home to the UK for a bit of ladding about … Continue reading

  • Something to think about…stopping the violence 07/22/16

    Hey Beat fans, just sending this thought-bomb out to you, mek ya think, mek ya ponder pon dis ting. Now there’s a place I know, and I sometimes love where they’re born in the shadow of a rifle club Hearts … Continue reading

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